We believe in better

At DOC we are committed to ongoing progression and pride ourselves on our innovative and modern approach towards establishing new ways to improve our company’s performance and working practices. Through our top level management and dedicated Procurement Department we aim to identify potential efficiencies which can streamline our back office processes and offer improvements in service delivery.
Over the years some of the innovations we have introduced include;

  • Introduction of a bespoke cleaning management system

  • Zero to landfill waste policy

  • Introduction of low emission vehicle fleet

  • Staff time attendance monitoring

  • Mobile connectivity to our systems for our management team

  • Mobile vetting of personal identification documents

  • Implementation of e-training & staff engagement system


We adopted the industry’s leading Cleaning Management System, Templa CMS, in 2012. The system, which has been specifically adapted for our own requirements, is integrated with our accounts and payroll software and consolidates all information into one centralised database.


Our management team have been equipped with iPads, given them instant access to information for every contract via a dedicated app. Utilising these iPads, the management team can also carry out quality audits, request stores orders, issue data forms and complete training forms without the need to access their PC.


To reduce our impact on the environment we have adopted a core range of environmentally friendly products for a wide range of tasks. These products use a dosing system to provide the correct quantities for the job and prevent over pouring.


Our customers have instant access to a wide range of information about their contract, including the Site Binder, (including all H&S documentation) Quality Audits Reports, Employee Information, Training Records and Financial Information.

Training & Staff Engagement

In 2018 the company partnered with industry innovators UhUb, in order to deliver core training skills to our staff. Whilst UhUb provides ‘whole workforce’ training, it is actually much more than that. UhUb is a fully mobile solution to Train, Reward and Engage all of our Cleaning staff. Available on any device, at any time, the system provides us with a number of benefits over traditional training methods;

  • Whole workforce training – UhUb allows whole workforce training through a streamlined and consistent approach.

  • Recognition & Reward – Using UhUb earns points to be exchanged for rewards that are awarded throughout the year.
    Leaderboards enable all staff, throughout the company to be recognised as achievers regardless of location, job title, or pay grade.

  • Engagement – At the touch of a button the company has the ability to engage with any staff member via messages and videos.

  • Reporting – With full visibility through UhUb’s real-time report suite, we always know what training has been achieved by each individual.

  • City & Guilds Approved – City & Guilds approve and endorse all UhUb learning content and are partners in creating new content and tests.

  • Updated Content – Training content is based on industry recognised best practice and methods. Courses are modulised to allow for assessment breaks and to award certificates of training through the learning path. Lesson and modules are constantly reviewed and updated with the input of industry professionals, ensuring the education is always up to date and relevant.

Quality Audits

In addition to informal daily inspections, our managers use a formal quality inspection system to audit standards thoroughly.

With our Cleaning Management System, we’re able to create bespoke audits to reflect the unique characteristics and requirements of each location. Items are scored within the audit against our standards and requirements, which generates an overall performance report. This report includes any comments that have been noted during the audit, along with any photographs that have been taken.

By adapting the system to the specific needs of the building, we can place added emphasis on those areas of the building that are of highest importance and require a more thorough and frequent level of inspection.

As they are part of our Cleaning Management System, these results are instantly available on our Customer Portal. This provides a comparison of performance over a number of months, whilst also providing access to individual audit reports.